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Beyond the Confines – RIP

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BTC is a five piece Rock band out of Vancouver, BC, Canada

Ryan Mangal – Vocals
Mateo Delguidice – Guitar
Chris McNeill – Guitar
Dru$ki – Bass
Paul Trounce – Drums

Beyond the Confines are a hard rock band from Vancouver BC. The BTC sound is a fusion of all the influence and style of it’s members. From the soulful grove of Rise to the depth and beauty of Eternity straight to the full throttle burn of Human Breed. Beyond the Confines is not just a name, it’s a musical philosophy to the members of the band.

Each member brings their own flavor and unique styles and genres to the mix. Ryan with his soul, Matt brings the metal with his thick punishing guitar sound, Paul with the heavy back beat, and Druski with his funk. The sound is rounded off with Chris and his both cut through and melodic ambient guitar tones.

We play the music because we can, because we like too and because we must. We are “Beyond The Confines”

We still wanted to add there bio to our site cause we use to play them lots, but they are no longer together and we will miss them! Check out the other band members projects!

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