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March 2017 transcript so far!

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Locals’ March Show:
Locals theme song
about us promo
sweet transvestite- rocky horror show
This is your host Mary JM with the March Local show and coming up as usual is our segments, mix of local music including new music & some of our other local artists from our database. Check out locals41.com to find out some of our artists & our site is still being updated!
I am so excited That Rocky Horror show is coming back to the rio March 24th at midnight! Its the classic film u get to watch with fun fans! Dress up!! One of my fave songs I love to play & hope u will sang and dance to was Sweet Transfeste – rock horror show
Metal night continues as you just rocked out to Witch Slap by Dark Orginn. Make sure you make it out to there upcoming show at Lana Lou 362 Powel street March 3rd. Also another band we know the Rekking will be there so i hope you will go support! There is 3 bands in that one night!
Witch slap- Dark orginn
Your #1 sharon crandall
mix promo
cold turkey- Rob Fillo
This is Mary JM and you just heard Rob Fillos cold turkey in Locals March show.
Again another local singer songwriter dazzles the interest of people!
Congrats to Rob Fillo, for his being recognized so vote for Rob.! My friend and i and am already taken by the beauty in his music.

Rob made it! I’m part of the CBC Searchlight Songwriting Competition. You can vote once a day here:
hes up against a lot of great talent and a lot of people with big budgets and fancy production. My song is as raw as it gets, just me and my guitar; a live recording in my bedroom.
I truly feel that the root of a song is the most important part and if a song can stand on it’s own, without the bells and whistles, that it’s a good song worth sharing.
Please consider sharing this highly political world-changer of a song. Every vote helps.
To reiterate, you can vote once everyday. A temporary book mark can make this more convenient. 🙂
Up next is another local band Tyrants Blood- Revelations in Damnation on Locals march show
Revelations in Damnation -Tyrants Blood
Music Madhouse promo
Act 2
mix 6 promo
Wine Me Up- Ajaye Jardine
A lovley lady Ajaye Jardine Wine Me Up was played and next Trashcan panda with Hazy (Lately) (Acoustic) but mark the date, March 10th in Abbotsford – It’s Return of the Pandas!!! We’ll be hitting the Cheers floor with our buds in Mollys Reech, and only $2 cover! ~ Mollys Reech and Trashcan Panda
Hazy (Lately)” (Acoustic)- trashcan panda
Sophias upcoming shows
Hey Love – danny echo
Local pet
Its a long way to the top- Intoxcated by nature
How to be a sponsor promo
Rebel Grrrl demo- by Dammit Samantha
Dammit Samantha was just kick ass to you with Rebel Grrrl a female band that I meet and fell in love with! Huge fan even though they dont have many songs, they are awsome to watch! Check these girls out at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpTXyLz6cnAuyGLhc1J8cmw
We are always looking for new local talent and we support all types of music, all types of talent (actors, comdeians etc) anyone who wants to be on our show! locals41.com Welcome new talent, bios are slowly being added on our site in next few months. New Music for you with Acid Breath by Brian Wilson in our March show!
Acid Breath -Brian Wilson
Who’s who segment
DEAD (Man with no face)- 2 shadows
This is Mary JM with Locals March show and You were just headbang to 2 shadows with Like a revolver and
Ottawa loving lady, Sophia Radisch is back visiting BC with a tour from Feb.24th- March 8th
www.sophiaradisch.com for more info we have missed this girl! 2pm start at music madhouse records on March 4th dont forget!
“Flow” “Angel Dust” “Intoxicated” Sophia Radisch @ The CES Show, Gibson Showroom Las Vegas, NV USA
“Flow” “Angel Dust” “Intoxicated” Sophia Radisch @ The CES Show, Gibson Showroom Las Vegas, NV USA
Bleed(Kneel To Me) -Ashes Of Purgatory
Go fund me promo
Forget about the boy- Throughly Modern Millie
Thoroughly Modern Millie! is at Cap Theatre The BlueShore at Cap
March 15-18 & 22-25, 2017 @ 7:30pm; March 19 & 25, 2017 @ 2pm and I hope you danced to Forget about the boy & I hope to see you at the show! One of my fave shows i worked backstage at theater under the stars and im excited to see it on the stage again! Locals supports local music, sports and theater. Get ready to Unlesh the Archers with there song upon Ashen wings on Locals March show
Upon Ashen Wings- Unleash The Archers
That girl- Elvis Nelson
run down on songs…..
Speak- Ninjaspy
Finally the wait is over! You moshed to Speak from Ninjaspy and if you havent seen there new music video, go check it out!**SPÜKEN ALBUM RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT** FRIDAY APRIL 14th is the day this long awaited new record will enter your eardrums 04.14.17 DIGITAL ONLINE RELEASE | speak | shuriken | puke | spüken | www.ninjaspy.net
Latley things have been hard on me since im still recovering from a car accident, but getting stonger every day! This song has been helping me threw that so much so we are going to end it off with One sten enough by: Tama Hills on Locals March show
One step enough- tama hills

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