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April 2017 transcript

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April show
Phantom intro
Locals theme song
about us promo
Phantom of the opera
You just heard our theme song by Beautiful Frenzy and you were just in Phantoms Liar with the Phantom of the opera
We are so excited The Phantom of the opera is coming to Vancouver again we are going to start using the intro as ours until the Phantom is here and than continue on like that. The Phantom of the opera has touched Mary JM’s life so much as you knew you were not the only one who has loved someone and they never loved you back or you always felt like an outcast. Phantom shows you YOU ARE NOT ALONE!Phantom is playing IMPORTANT DATES
July 2, 2017 to July 23rd 2017 at Queen Elizabeth theater 630 Hamilton St
Upcoming in this show is a few new songs by some of our Local artists, our regular segments and much much more! For now here is another one of our evil of darkness Nim Vind with counter shock resucitation on Locals April Show
counter shock resucitation – Nim Vind
Your #1 shy guy
Keep on trying- Mr.Fantastik
This is Dark Eagel and Locals plays all types of music! So you were just bopping to Keep on trying- Mr.Fantastik We got ome new music from Aggression from November 2016 release “Fragmented Spirit Devils” The Nazareth cover “Razamanaz” features founding Nazareth guitarist Manny Charlton on lead guitar. Again here is “Razamanaz” from Aggression on Locals April show
Razamanaz- Aggression
Local pet
well, im sure glad thats over -Manmeet Dogra
This is dark eagel and Manmeet Dogra with well, im sure glad thats over was just heard up next is some new music from one of our regular artists! Michelle Crebers first album TIMELESS: SONGS OF A CENTURY is being released as a numbered, limited edition vinyl record to celebrate 5 years since it came out. Pre sales have already started. Check out https://www.creberbrown.com/ Here is a new cover done She Used To Be Mine – Sara Bareilles COVER by: Michelle Creber
She Used To Be Mine – Sara Bareilles COVER – Michelle Creber
Act 2
I Wanna Go There-Danielle Marie
This is dark Eagel and again Locals plays all types of music and just went country with I Wanna Go There-Danielle Marie
Gone Country has always been one of Danielles favourite festivals and fundraisers of the summer…and this year I am SO HONOURED to be a part of this amazing 2017 line up!!!! ❤🙌🏻 TICKETS ON SALE NOW! July 22nd https://twinscancerfundraising.com/
In one month Kill Matildia will be on tour in Mexico! Lets get moving to 24 years of darkness- Kill Matildia on Locals April show
24 years of darkness- Kill Matildia
At the Nat
Beyond land Intro Jam-Live March 3rd 2017 Falconetti’s East Side Grill
We just played you the intro jam by Beyond Land and they got a show coming up.
3 artists we know are playing this show! Beautiful Frenzy, Beyond Land, Joni Miller & Wes Crowley
Beautiful Frenzy – 9:45pm

Beyond Land – 8:45pm


Joni Miller & Wes Crowley 7:45pm
LANALOUS Rock n Roll Eatery
362 Powell Street (Gore & Dunley)
Doors 7:00pm
Admission $10
Music 7:30pm
Lanalous is a 100-seat scenester hideaway smack dab uptown in the heart of Vancouver’s East Side.
I hope to see you there ill be there start to finish.
Hermant has been quiet recently but I promise there is more in the works…so here is Love can become- Hemant Rao
Love can become- Hemant Rao
Volunteer promo
I Get a Kick Out of You -Anything Goes
Locals staff picks:
Evee Kay – The Last Goodbye
Still waiting- Ivy The Pulse
Hello This is John In Da House for Locals radio show, and my two favorite picks.

The First song is by Josie Aileen Patterson and Ian Cowen, the song is called: ” Let Go”
and this is a new original by Josie or her stage name is COZY.

Cozy is a Singer – Songwriter, Producer, Rapper, Musician.

Check her music Channel out COZY Music ,on You Tube:


She is a recent Nimbus School of Recording Graduate 2016.

Check her music ( Let Go song plays )

The next song i am going to play, is by a local young Actress /Musician named Ava Frye.

with her song ” Tell Me ” …she is an up and comming Actress, at 13 years old and Music Songwriter, check her music out you may have to google her name.

I was very impressed with her show, on the weekend, at the Vancouver International Fashion Festival.

Anyways enjoy both pf my songs this is John In Da House and you have been listening to Locals radio show.

Thank you ( ” Tell Me ” song plays )

Watch the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMas4M1YY60

Ava Frye performed her smash single “Tell Me” to an enthusiastic crowd at Vancouver International Fashion Festival with iPop and David Chen.
Get the Gun-Incura
We are so excited Incura is back as they never left but there back to playing shows and a new ep is coming out soon! Weve known these guys since 2000 and they have come a long way, we are so proud of these guys!! You all just heard get the gun by Incura as my first choice my 2nd goes to a girl I miss alot and right now it feels like April Rain by Ev Natacha on Locals April show my second choice!
April Rain by Ev
This is the Dark Eagel and Were always looking for new artists to add and we play all types of music a new artists added to our talent base Incidentally, We’re Doin’ Fine is inspired by Vancouver. The “city by the sea” in the first verse is our city, Vancouver, and the “candy-coloured skyline” is what I saw near sunset as I was standing on the corner across from Olympic Station, under the Cambie Bridge.
MORE NEW MUSIC -We’re Doin’ Fine Earl Jenkins on Aprils Local show
We’re Doin’ Fine- Earl Jenkins
Comic Land Comics and Toys is one of our biggest sponsors as they have donated lots of things to our show so please make it out to this event!
Comic Land Free Comic Book Day 2017
Comic Land Comics and Toys
3845 Rupert Street, Vancouver,
Saturday, May 6 at 11 AM – 8 PM PDT
It’s that time of year that we’ve been all waiting for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!! This year, FCBD is on Saturday May 6th 2017!!! We got some great comics to give away.

This year we’re going to be hosting Free Comic Book Day Open Music Jam again! All musicians are welcome! We’ll have basic equipment and full PA set-up! Jam time is from 11am till 4pm!

Come down and bring all your friends for some free comics!
We bleed the same- 2 shadows
You headbanged to We bleed the same by 2 shadows and We try not to play the same artists often but we have to let u know that 2 shadows are trying to raise funds. please help them out at https://www.gofundme.com/help-2-shadows-get-new-tour-van they have also been adding new videos on there youtube so check that out as well and please help out our boys raise there goal. it will be worth it when they get signed! Finally some more new music by Marq Desouza another one of our regular artists with TAROT CARD SHUFFLE. check out the new ep Here’s my new EP. It’s a blues project. Thanks! Stream at…
https://marqdesouza.bandcamp.com/album/tarot-card-shuffles once again new music from Marq Desouza TAROT CARD SHUFFLE on Locals april show we have been waiting for new music from him!!
whos who promo
Thats what pillows are for- Joyce Greenan
Another lovly lady just at you with thats what pillows are for by Joyce Greenan. FInally the wait is over No fools day ! Just sent the full digital album to all of our deserving crowdfunders! Without your help three years ago there would have been no Spüken today. Listen and enjoy! and for the rest of ya… TWO WEEKS till it drops online. Here is my fave song of the album Jump your bones by Ninjaspy and dont forget to get yourselfs a copy this album has totally been worth the wait! Love it!!
Jump your bones- Ninjaspy
concert reminder
You rock my world- Beautiful Frenzy
Everyone wants to be a cat: Tama Hills

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