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Your #1 transcript for April-shyguy

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Your #1 goes to shy guy! We meet at our Locals 2nd birthday cause a few bands bailed & he litterally saved our asses & did an amazing set! He has also played at my birthday party with my fave song by the Monkees Im not your stepping stone. He has saved us so many times and this is why he is our #1 for April!Oh and props to him for getting me into the talking heads! We will always be friends!
This is his bio:
I am a songwriter/ guitarist/ singer looking to break the boundaries of music and lyrical content. Inspired by Talking Heads, The Beatles, Megadeth, and many others.
check out: https://soundcloud.com/shyguyjmd here is my fave song he does: Im not your stepping stone and once again Your #1 for April goes to shyguy!!

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