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Locals June 2017 transcript act 1 & 2 (so far)

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June show
Phantom of the opera intro
Locals theme song- Beautiful Frenzy
Music of the night- Phantom
You just heard Phantom of the opera and they are here in vancouver! So if u havent seen the show live yet you should go!!THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA July 11 – 23 at Queen Elizabeth theater . Also THE SOUND OF MUSIC September 12 – 17,JERSEY BOYS November 14 – 19 and MOTOWN THE MUSICALFebruary 6 – 11, 2018.For more info: http://vancouver.broadway.com/
Upcoming in our show is some more of our Behind the scences video series, new music from our local artists, usual segments and much much more! Here is some new music from Ivy the Pulse with Spun on Locals June show!
Spun- Ivy the pulse
mix 12
Know by Now- Jim Abbott
At the Nat
A call to arms- Iron Kingdom
Hippie Hootney promo
Serve and suffer- Dark Originn
New music delivered by Dark Originn and they got a show coming up I hope u can make it out too! The 22nd Annual FREE OUTDOOR METAL/ROCK FEST in beautiful bridgeview (near patullo br). BYOB. 7 BANDS expect lights, sound ,smoke ,pyro and good times. And wish Stan a happy bday too. No attitudes or idiots. Address : 12259 Industrial Rd(aka 116th) in Surrey (bridgeview, near the pattulo br.). 8pm-1am For more info LIKE & See https://www.facebook.com/DarkOriginnMetal/
Now sum music from winston Hausechild with whats your fucking problem on June show
whats your fucking problem- Winston Hausechild
Act 2
How to record small bit-behind the scences
Dear Diary (Official Lyric Video) – Grace Under Pressure
Your #1 segment- 2 shadows
savoy pub promo
“Into The Night” – The Hometown Band
New music by Grace Under Pressure with Dear Diary was added to our play list with also Something differnt for you was played Into the night by the Hometown band. In the summer of 2016, 40 years after their Juno Award winning hey day, the Hometown Band reunited for five concerts. This eclectic somewhat ahead-of-it’s-time collection of Vancouver BC musicians – original members Shari Ulrich (vocals, violin, mandolin), Claire Lawrence (saxophones & flutes), and Geoff Eyre (drums & vocals); along with keyboard player Michael Creber (a prized replacement for the late, incomparable Robbie King); and bassist Connie Lebeau & guitarist Norman MacPherson (filling the shoes of the late and so great Doug Edwards) – took the stage at Blue Frog Studios for their first show in 4 decades.
Claire Lawrence’s composition “Into The Night” is a perfect example of the adventurous territory roamed by the Hometown Band. Each musician contributed significantly to the distinct character of the HTB, not the least of which were Shari Ulrich’s vocals, along with those of Geoff Eyre. But the signature sound inarguably came from Claire Lawrence’s saxophone playing, featured prominently on soprano in this song.
WHERE COULD I GO (original acoustic)- Stefanie Standerwick
volunteers promo
Grip the Gage- Ninjaspy
Local’s staff picks:
Robs= ‘Manna Stache’-Random Dander
Rob is our social media guy and his store Music madhouse records in one of our sponsors for a long time now. Hippie Hootney is happening Aug.19th in Maple Ridge and you just danced to Robs first choice ‘Manna Stache’-Random Dander who is one of the acts at Hippie Hootney. His 2nd choice will also be there who I am also into right now with the song Gone Gypsy by La Chinga on Locals staff picks June show
Gone Gypsy-La Chinga
Hippie hootney promo
Johns= Hazey Feat. BK & c o z y
John in da house is the jack of all trades to our team. He helps with the camera, music on and much more! His first choice was just at you with Hazey Feat. BK & c o z y and now coming at your ears is If I Was= Chris Coldwater Charleton and the Bootleggers on Locals June staff picks
If I Was= Chris Coldwater Charleton and the Bootleggers
Canucks report- need to edit
I wanna go there- Danielle Marie
This is your Host Mary JM and continuing on with locals staff picks you just heard one of the girls im a huge fan of Danielle Marie with the song, I wanna go there. My second choice is alittle heavier since im a punk girl with one of our newset bands I have fallen head over heals for This gun is for hire. “Infection” deals with the rollercoaster ride that is living with carrying the burden of immense anger. How it can consume you, and how there is a better way! Punk out to my 2nd choice on Locals June show!
“Infection” -This gun for hire
Local pet
Within rust
Hippie Contest
Give it the horns- Marry Me
So we just got reconnected with Mary Gunns just to find they have broken up! However kylan prince (the only one still playing) is in a new band so check them out http://www.marrymemusic.ca
To Paris with love- Mechnical God project
Modern times- Joni Miller
so long, farewell= sound of music

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