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Locals bday 2017 transcript act 1-3

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July 2017 bday show
Phantom intro
bday wishes
Minions bday song
shut up and kiss me- Mariainas Trench
About us promo
Locals theme song- Beautiful Frenzy
This is your host Mary JM & we wish you a happy Canada day! We dont remember the actual date was for our first on line show as it was first ment to be a demo to get on a community radio station, but with the help of local artists, sponsors and more we decided to just do it on line so we can do what we want which is supporting ALL local music, sports and theater! We just played for you the phantom intro, minions bday song & one of the first bands that are huge and we are so proud of Mariainas Trench with shut up and kiss me. Of cours also our theme song by Beautiful Frenzy. One of the female girls I have known forever we are going to play the first song she wrote & because we didnt have a theme song yet, we used this one for awhile cause we want to say we will fight for you. Here is I will fight for you- Michelle Creber and Black Grpy0n
I will fight for you- Michelle Creber and Black Grpy0n
Spotlight promo
Sweet Transvestite- rocky horror show
Starting off our bday special was Sweet Transvestite from the rocky horror show and its playing at the rio this sunday! Upcoming in our bday special an interview we did with Rob FIllo at car free day & we are going to replay two of my fave interviews I have done. Locals was first Local band night at co-op radio from 2000-2007 than became Locals so we can support local music, sports & theater. So we are going to play an old Jonathan Simkin interview from 604 records, rob fai that was 2 years ago the voice of the canadians, show case the old artists who have been with us since the start as well as some new artists, segments, Q &A with Dark Eagle and I plus lots lots more! Stay tunned as i dont know how long this special will be but it will be special and we are so glad we are turning 4 years old! We couldnt do it without you! Also one of the first bands we meet from russia who lived here when we meet them, Red Elvises with Rocket man.
Rocket man- Red elvises
Rob Fillo interview
Insane- Rob fillo
Act 2
Hippie contest
Im Back- Las Divas
Heart’s Not Finished- The Land of Deborah
Q & A with Mary JM & Dark Eagle
Act 3
Bday update
We Don’t Need No Dance Floor (John Pippus Band)
Music on
Tama Hills – Anxiety (Official Music Video)
rob fai interview
Let me out- Altermind
Bday continues with one of the first local artists I know John Pippus with his song we dont need no dance floor by the John Pippus band. John Pippus stepped away from doing the tree open mic he started but Marq Desouza does it for now on! Every thurs from 7:30-10pm go on down to the open mic & get there early if u want a spot! 450 Granville no cover charge! Also The fourth single from Canadian post-hardcore band, Tama Hills. They finally now got a band so its not just Liam works all the perks!Pay what you want to download at: tamahills.bandcamp.com/track/anxiety Got sum heavy tunes in there as well with Let me out by Altermind and showcased an old interview we did with Rob Fai the voice of the vancouver candiaians.
Now some musicals tunes as we support local music sports & theater! Come and beat the heat as you enjoy two Musicals for the price of 1! Lindbjerg Academy of Performing Arts Summer Camp presents Annie Jr. (Ages 6 – 11) and Disney’s Little Mermaid Jr. (Agest 12+)..
Tickets available through Lindbjerg Academy of Performing Arts or at the Box Office an hour before showtime. Terry Fox Theatre ,1260 Riverwood Gate, Port Coquitlam. Dont forget we have one more show coming up 2marrow the 4th as we are turning 4 we decided to do a 4 day special party! Check out Annie & the little mermaid JR & heres the song Easy street on Locals bday special!
Easy street- Annie
1 more act to come!!

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