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Locals 1st Birthday Bash

Locals is a Reborn radio show that use to be on at co-op radio from 2000-2006 and now is an on line radio show that is a year old.Hear it on our site!locals41.com
 Local’s supports ALL local talent surrounding Music, sports and theater. We play all types of music, all ages and as long as you want to be heard, well put you on our show.
 Once you have been interviewed or we play your music, we consider you listed! Unlike any other show we don’t play your stuff and that’s it! We keep in contact with you in news, music, events and more. We also welcome you to be interviewed again or play at one of our live events.
Members:(all staff of Local’s are volunteers including the host!)
Host and Creative mind behind the Show is Mary JM.
 Mary JM has started this show to be an outlet for other artists and it is a hobby where she can support the three things she loves most, Music, sports and theater. She took a year off radio to go into backstage theater and even stage managed a few shows and so she has alot of friends and connections to bring theater to the show. She loves all types of music and knows lots of artists another reason for the music. Sports is included cause Mary JM is also a sports fan and wanted to bring sports to the show to make it different than any other show, local music, sports and theater!
Johnindahouse(John Prentice) is the Jack of all trades in helping me. He use to be a co-host, but is doing his own thing with cjsfu. He also does Photography, videography, talent scout and now records & helps write Music on (concerts you should go see) join his group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/1604295869851476/
Dark Eagle ( Daniel LaHue ) is our show’s Sports Reporter for both College and Professional Sports in Vancouver, that is found on our online radio podcast on Spreaker.
Photographers:  Jess Goldstein. We are in need of more photographers!
Talent Scout: Connie Ng, Laurie Anne Beauchamp and Heather Blue.
We are always looking for new members.! We appreciate this support. Usually all segments are done by Mary JM with the help of her co-hosts in recording and editing. However, if there is a segment you want to do or create just contact MaryJM at locals4141@gmail.com for more info!
 Locals = Bringing you YOUR local talent!XOXO
Genre: All Local Music.! Sports and Theatre.
Hometown: Vancouver
Sum of our volunteers:

Out team so far who has bios:

About your host, Mary JM

gofund (2)

(creator, host, manager, producer & everything all together!)

Mary JM is Mary L Martin.
When Local’s first came on the air she was known as Mary L. with the
show named “Local band knight”.
With the new change of Local’s she also changed her radio name to
something with more meaning.
Mary was a surviving miracle triplet with both brothers who passed
away one still born and the other for 3 months because he had no
heart. She was a miracle because no on knew she was going to be born
till it happened, it never was shown on the ultrasound. Mary was
2.1oz when she was born,so she is a survivor in every way. So JM

comes from Joesph Mark & her brothers are with her in her heart all

the time, but more so on radio with her name.

So now abit about Mary JM. She had always had a love for radio and the

media in general.she started at co-op radio while she went to high school.

Mary JM wanted to do media cause when she saw her idol, Dave Randorf

on Sports page she thought that would be a cool job and so she went after it.

Even when she stopped doing radio for theater, she always looked up to

Dave Randorf & stayed a fan as to this day since she was a teen, thinks hes the coolest,

fun,good looking & funniest guy ever! No matter what she does, she hopes to be

just like him( as close as she can get lol)

She originally wanted to do sports radio as sports is her other love, but
created the idea of Locals cause she felt the need her fave artists
also need to be promoted. Plus you got to start some where and
everyone loves music.
While doing the show Local’s she went to Columbia Academy to get a
diploma in broadcasting of the performing arts. It is the biggest
thing other than starting the radio show that she is most proud of.
Although she continues to be a sports fan, music and theater is her other love.
Her fave band is SUM 41 and singer Cher. She is a huge fan of musicals
with an obsession of The Phantom Of The Opera.
When she is not working on the show, show prep, working 2 part time
jobs, she is at home spending time with her two cats and watching her
fave TV shows and movies. She also goes to local concerts, sporting
events and loves to host friend events cause its so hard to meet up

with every single person.

Mary loves the quote from Radio free Rosco (RFR is also one of her fave shows)

Question Mark says” I want
to be that voice in there head”

One reason why she is coming back to
what she loves and miss.
Keep Rockin’!

Local’s Brings you YOUR local talent!XO

Listen to the show www.locals41.com

baby, im back!



About John Prentice (johnindahouse) – Jack of all trades -Photographer/video, talent scout, Production Asst. He also does Music on segment.


John Prentice Bio. John has been with CJSF 90.1 FM radio for 3 years .John is now starting a new radio chapter in his work in Radio by joining a new Radio show called: ” Locals ” http://www.facebook.com/locals41 .

History of John Volunteering on CJSF 90.1 fm Radio. Ryan Fletcher Host and creator of the Melodies In Mind radio show, asked John to be Photographer for his show, while on a hike on Seymour Mt., where John met Ryan. After one year and a half, working with Ryan, John took a break from radio, to work more closely with some musicians and to book shows.In Jan 2013, past Host and creator of Sound Therapy radio, jay Peachy asked John to work on his show as Photographer/video and Music Director.

John Prentice was born in Vancouver, BC.

A graduate from Magee Secondary, he moved on to BCIT to study a variety of subjects including carpentry, power engineering, then on to Douglas College for building environmental systems and energy efficiency as recently as 2010. John has worked in various building and construction trades, carpentry, plumbing and drainage, painting, and landscaping and has worked as a building operator for over 10 years, for a Commercial Property Management company in Downtown Vancouver.John’s interest for photography and nature was inspired by his father who devoted time to taking his children on camping trips from an early age. His first camera was a disposable Kodak X-15. He bought his first compact 35 mm film camera, an Olympus, and used it over 25 years. Then he bought a Nikon F 90 35 mm film based camera. Deciding to join the digital world, john traded his Nikon F 90 film camera for a Nikon D 300 S Digital camera with video capability, which he uses today.Always looking for opportunities for creative expression and ways to get involved with his community, John has spent years volunteering with organizations such as the Wilderness Committee, and recently in 2010 and 2011,for Salmon Are Sacred. In 2010 John was asked by Dr. Alexandra Morton to be her photographer to document the ” Get Out Migration Walk” a walk down Vancouver island to raise awareness of the negative impacts B.C.’s fish farms on our wild salmon.The next event John joined up for was as a paddler in another Salmon Are Sacred event ” Hope To Vancouver Paddle”,and he continues to support this group today.Highlights of volunteering include working with public figures such as Dr. Alexandra Morton, who invited John to photo-document her “Get out Migration” project, and recently as the Photographer/video/talent scout for Ryan Fletcher host and creator of a weekly radio show entitled “Melodies in Mind” at Simon Fraser University.In addition, John has worked closely with Jay Peachy, Artist and Activist, with television productions as camera man and assist in post production of shows aired on Shaw Cable 4 and EVOTV. ( now called Sound Therapy Arts T.V. ) and WIL D. Salmon T.V. show, which John continues to help with today.

Further, John had also volunteered in 2002, 2003 on “The Witness Project” a project jointly produced by the Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Center, and the Squamish First Nations band , they brought city folk up to their Northern Territory, for summer camp weekends, into the Elaho Valley and Sims Creek watersheds,to learn about Squamish First Nations traditions, to hear stories and learn about the impacts of Industrial clear cut logging has had on their culture.A highlight of John’s photography was having one of his photos featured in Common Ground Magazine, at the end of the Get Out Migration walk, finishing on the lawns of the Legislature in Victoria.Future ambitions for John include photography, as well as his own business venture, booking shows for musicians in Vancouver, and helping them with Photography and videos of their shows.John also works as Music Director, Photographer and in Production, for Jay Peachy’s new project, Canadian Sound Therapy Arts Society, working in both radio and t.v. productions, as well as music/comedy productions and environmental awareness using art and music as the main theme, to educate people about Environmental/well bieng and First Nations issues, and the future of our Wild Salmon and the importance od restoring an economy based on our Wild Salmon, this fish is vital for the economy of smaller local communities in rural areas.

keep posted with him at :https://www.facebook.com/groups/1604295869851476/


Cassandra- Talent scout


Cassandra & Mary were best friends since high school and they always went 2 local shows even before locals began. Locals was first local band knight at co-op radio, so naturally Cassandra was assistant producer. Since she always hung out with mary and loves supporting local talent. Since she works a lot, she only helps out now as a talent scout. She loves incura , nim vind , ninjaspy and season to attack plus many more local artists . You can see here at shows with Mary jm when she’s free. She also loves 2 do photography 2.

Heather Blue- Talent scout


Heather Blue loves music of all genres, this is the basis for everything she does. Like many people Heather spent years in customer service positions aimlessly trying to figure out “what she wanted to be when she grew up.” She even took a couple years of Nursing at the U of A. Yes, she admits it, she’s from Edmonton, Alberta, lived on Vancouver Island for a few years and thankfully, finally made it to the music Mecca that is Vancouver.


It all fell together for Heather, when she realized the one thing that truly made her happy was music and what made her super angry was knowing amazing artists would never have their music heard by most people. Artists create art, musicians play music, but in the modern music industry they are expected to be booking agents, tour managers, marketing experts, sales(wo)men, record labels, promoters, and on and on. Heather wants to help music creators reach their goals by providing them with professional help that suites their needs.
In 2014, Heather graduated with a diploma in Advanced Music Business from Nimbus School of Recording Arts at the top of her class and at one point had the highest average in the history of the program. Nimbus gave her the skills, knowledge and networking power needed to help artists and bands in a multitude of areas. Currently she runs Black and Blue Industries. Black and Blue Industries is an artist service and management company that focuses on helping the unknowns become known through management, development, marketing (including the dreaded social media), and grant writing. She also talent scouts for A+R ME a part of the Universal Music Group artist and repertoire division, and locally owned Poisonwood Music Group.




Rob is a local area music entrepreneur. Most of his time is spend operating his groovy Burnaby record shop Music MadHouse Record and working with local musicians. He manages, organizes events, hosts music shows, promotes and markets all over the lower mainland. Rob is a free spirited hippie at heart and enjoys life to the fullest. He is excited to be working with the LOCALS team and looking forward to some amazing projects with LOCALS.


join our team! More bios and photos coming soon! Stay updated with Locals at facebook.com/locals41