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Only Local pet & ur #1 is played on every show, the others are sometimes played, but always have a solo spot at our spreaker.com/user/locals41



Sports segments:


is all sports!Sport scores, some news, tips and more delivered by your host, Mary JM. ….. This also surrounds SFU sports!

World cup

Although we mainly support local talent, we do support artists around the world, either if they want us to, or we are a fan of.

This is the chance to spread the talent that is everywhere.

Around the diamond

Mary JM delivers news, scores and more, around her love, Major League baseball!!

Lions roar

news, scores and more, around CFL!!

Canucks segment:

news, scores and more, around Canucks!!



Your #1

# 1…is voted by the fans and people who volunteer for Locals, all they have to do, is tag your fave local artists.

A list of past artists is here:


Whom ever has the most tags!, will win #1 one spot, they will have a song played, a bit of info announced, as well as being the #1, as it’s always great to be #1!

For example:@Locals4141 my #1 is @MichelleCreber she is a great actress,singer, dancer! Example & vote added Love watching her grow up,shes my #1 ever!! I wrote that as my personal status under sportscaster1588


who’s who?

Once we have you on our show either play music or interview you we keep updated with news. Birthdays,weddings, deals & more.

My hero

Gives the chance for fans to give there story to a local artist who has touched there life

Our show was once a month from 12pm-7am so we are use to having more than 4 hours which is why we are doing half on the show and half on line so we can bring more local talent, sports and theater.

Local’s staff picks

This gives our volunteers including John and I to share our fave two songs from two of our different favorite artists. It mixes up the show with different kinds of music as well since everyone has different taste and lets us give them credit for helping us out.


music on

Is a list of events for artists.


Proud to be a Bronie

There are many bronies out there and not just musicians, so we try to promote one Bronie every month, who has a local talent surrendering, My Little Pony.




Is all the musical, plays, comedy acts etc..coming up.

Giving back

local pet

Is a spotlight of a pet up for adoption from the SPCA or vancouver orphan kitten rescue.

Segments around my old show LBK-Locals on co-op radio

< p>411

Another new segment, 411?When listed we keep up with all artists, but we are having trouble finding sum, this seg is 2 get help from our listeners you may know where they are.!!

Blast from the past

Past artists:
Please let us fill the void in our segment called 411. Let us know if the artists we are trying to connect have broken up, changed there name, etc. we never say there broken up until its been confirmed. Thanks were trying to reconnect!
Era Flair : trying to find
Dasha: trying to find
Soildier of 4 tune: trying to find
Chris Curtis: Trying to find Crop Circle: trying to find
Sinned Envy: trying to find
Funkafeelya:trying to find
Sulturro:trying to find
Flashlight Brown: trying to find
Roche Limit: trying to find
Gore-Tek: trying to find
Soild Black: trying to find
Carolynn Loveless: trying to find Tariq: trying to find
Di Marco: trying to find Kevin Titcomb: trying to find
Motherdown: trying to find
Fera: trying to find
Drip: trying to find
Soundawg: trying to find
OPTIMIST PRIME: trying to find
Soundstem: trying to find
Half cut: trying to find
Echophone: trying to find
Haf-wit : trying to find
September Son: trying to find
Lost in the sun: trying to find RED(Singer): trying to find
RAW: trying to find
Beyond the fall: BROKEN UP
Shocore: BROKEN UP

Burning Borders-Broken up
OperationMakeout- Broken up
Slush: Broken up
A Single Few: BROKEN UP
League of Corruption: BROKEN UP
The Infinite Madness: BROKEN UP
Mecha Messiah: Broken up
Alien Nation: Broken up
Rally Car- BROKEN UP
Cruel Shoes: BROKEN UP
Riff Randells: Broken up
Cabin One: BROKEN UP- Gone to other things not in music
SugerBlade:BROKEN UP
Triple Word Score: BROKEN UP SOME MEMBERS IN The Valjerks
Hotwire- BROKEN UP
Damn Apes- BROKEN UP
Contraband: Broken up
In Davy’s Grip: BROKEN UP
Mass Undergoe- BROKEN UP: David is in Season to attack
Faber Drive: Broken up
Elixir is now Verus The Nothing:http://versusthenothing.wordpress.com/
Flip Nixion:BROKEN UP
Red scare: BROKEN UP
Walk the line:BROKEN UP
Fighting For Ithaca: Broken up
Sunset on Broadway: BROKEN UP
Please let us fill the void in our segment called 411. Let us know if the artists we are trying to connect have broken up, changed there name, etc. we never say there broken up until its been confirmed. Thanks were trying to reconnect!

We feature one past artist that broke up, or have ended there solo music, and to let you know where they are!, or what they are up too.! ..with of course, one of their songs.

Old time radio

We were on at co-op radio from 2000-2006, so this segment let’s u hear, old interviews we did live, when we were LBK and Locals.

Our past segment features from 2015 – present!

Past segs
Your #1:Evk
Staff picks:
Be my girl: Tuka Kruez
That Girl: Nim Vind
Ticka tick: MG Graveyard
Raw: evk
Hipatize me- Mark woodyard
Two Smokes- Neck of the woods
Nickle and dimes- Incura
Love the way you hate me- LAS
Minus- Tentant
Goodnight forever- Inside it failed
411-soilder of 4 tune
Staff pick:
Jess: Shot for shot- MG Graveyard
Toki- Just another lie
Rob interview-mad
Sad cowboy song- Red elvises
The dance- Nat
I wanna find love-Dustin Childs
One night stand-exit this side
Guests: obi from MG Graveyard
Kaylia Throton trump
Heathers battle of the bands
Staff picks: March:
Mines heres to the zero’s-MT
Sugar rush- EVK
Where I have arrived: Ross Fairborne
Good women blues: David Box car Gates
Your #1- Addams family
Jackie Robinson special
Proud to be a brony: Midnight melody
Live interview with the response
Music mad house interviews
Mary’s picks:
Ninjaspy: Evolution of the skid
Bob Kemmis: Quitting you
John picks:
Santa Lucia- LFR
God Spot-
Your #1- Sic addiction
Hiteseh interview
Canuck report
Local staff picks:
Your not even worth- STA
Kiyla throton trump- Light body
Jaw cuta
Be ca man
Your #1: Elvis Nelson
At the nat
Canucks report
#1: Incura
Proud to be a brony: Bronie webseries guys
World cup: Young rapscallions
Canuck report
Brony can review
Introduce co-hosts
Local staff picks:
John: Evaluation of the skid
#1 Rob Fillo
Blast from the past- Benji!!
411: Motherdown
Your #1-Michelle Creber
Blast from the past: Beyond the fall
Proud to be a brony: LittlestGiftBoutique
World cup: LA Calling
Blast from the past: Mass Undergoe
Your #1: Jennifer Gillis
411: Septemeber Son
Your #1: The crebers
EVK interview
Proud to be a brony: Zoe Bennett
Jan. 2016- Best of 2015
Proud to be a brony – brony mike
Signed- Marianas trench
Blast from the past – contraband
Your #1 – beautiful frenzy
Feb. 2016
411 segment- Dasha
Your #1- Sophia Radish

March 2016
Signed- Incura
March YOUR #1- Exit this side
Your #1- Nim Vind
Musical Choice- Fiddler on the roof
Signed LAS

Blast from the past – Crop Circle
your #1 The SAVOY PUB
Local staff picks:
mine : Shut up and kiss me – Marianas Trench Sleeping on the floor- Within Rust
John: 1. Altermind ” Intro” it is short then play ” Suffer ” as one song.
2. Hotblooded –@Sophia Radish

June- Your #1 is Ray Boulay

July 2016- Your #1 – Music Madhouse records

Aug your #1 goes to Iron Kingdom

Sept: none

oct: Your #1 Rocky Horror show

Nov:Your #1 Dark Originn

Christmas: Your #1 Ninjaspy

staff picks:
Rob Snopek
Walker of Earth – Wendy Lynn Gaspard
congrads to HEAD got nominated for a Juno Award for best rock album of 2016.
Darkness – Head
John Prentice
Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright by Bob Dylan in Black and White- Rob Fillo
Suger rush- Evee Kay
Devil as you know- 2 Shadows
No Diggity- Beyond Land
Your #1: Debra Whyte
Feb. Vday show: Season to attack
March. sharon crandall

If u have any idea for a segment please let us know facebook.com/locals41 and listen to our

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