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We’re looking for volunteers & what there job duties are:

My name is MaryJM & Im the host of an on line radio show that I brought back from doing it over at co-op radio from 2000-2006. Now we have made it an on line show so we can do what we want on our show with no hold backs. I am looking for volunteers to join an on air radio show that promotes local music, sports and theater.
I am looking for co-host, guest host, promoters, photographer, scouts and more.
To find out more about this show please visit header shows on our site you are on locals41.com to hear a preview of our show right now were just on line.We play all types of music and welcome ANY local talent to locals! Once we have played or interview you on our show you are considered listed which means we always keep updated with you in news, shows, music etc. This show is done once a month, the last day of every month and is a two hour show.Split into 4 acts every 30 mins.
We bring YOUR local talent!
We mostly do the show from our own home and interviews at different places. Let me know if we can use your venue to do interviews in exchange for sponsorship.

Locals 41 Photo Collage

Locals 41 Photo Collage

Volunteer roles:

We are in desperate needs of co-hosts & sport reporters!

Co-hosts: Helps record segments, make up there own, help with interviews either on your own or with myself. Must be willing to help promote the format of our show Music, sports and theater. Not just what they feel like. It would be helpful if u have a mic, recording and editing stuff at home or be able to meet up so we can do it together.Also MUST attend Local’s events as we are the eyes of the show.

Sports reporter can cover any sport youd like as I cover the Canadians and Major League Baseball and Dark Eagle covers NHL. We’d like to cover everything, but its to hard for one person to do so wed love to have some more sport reporters. This can be done from home to if you have a mic or phone.


Photographer: Either take photos during live shows or live interviews I do on the road. Its so hard for everyone to be free so Im wanting more than one photographer.

Video person: Film during live shows or live interviews I do on the road. Its so hard for everyone to be free so im wanting more than one video person. Lots of people like to watch the radio shows now a days instead of on the radio, so this gives them that option and more promos for us.

Next three jobs can be done from home.

Researcher: There are many artists we interview and play there music as well as lots of events going around so it is alot of work for one person. Thats basically your job to fill me in and be my eyes and ears.Also need to know background before the artists come in to be interviewed. We also like to keep track of everyone who has been on with a segment called Who’s who so you can help with that.

Talent Scout: There are lots of Local talent and sometimes it can even be a friend or a friend of a friend and so on. It’s your job to find them and see if they want to be apart of our show. Would help if your a fan so if you like to go to local shows and theater , try to talk to them after the show or by on line. There’s always local talent , so i need help to find them.Of course after you find them let me know and ill put them on ur list. We like to keep track of people on our show.
Promotion: Everyone needs promotion. Help get us fans on our sites facebook,twitter etc.. Tell people were looking for local talent, when are next show is and help us with our sites.

Sponsor: Looking for volunteers to help us find sponsorship in anything we can get. Venues, places to hold interviews, Money, donating items and more!

All these jobs are volunteer base, no pay, but lots of promotion on  our sites. I am hoping who wants to be a volunteer will come join the local’s team. We also need volunteers just for events we do as well so stay posted with facebook.com/locals41 or contact Mary JM!!

If you believe in local talent & want to help out on the show contact Mary JM


Local’s bringing you YOUR local talent!XOXO


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