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Every month we promote an animal that needs to find a forever home threw the VOKRA & the SPCA!

Please share these pets & let us know if you adopt them. We also stay updated with news, events & other pets looking for homes all the time at facebook.com/locals41 I hope you will support them & find a furry friend!

Coments we got for Local pet:VOKRA – Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association Hi Mary. Thank you so much for doing this! As you’re likely aware, most people want to adopt kittens so any support we can get profiling the cats in our care is much appreciated. Any of the cats you find at vokra.ca would be great to profile. Thanks again! And here’s the link for anyone who wants to check out Mary’s show: http://www.spreaker.com/user/locals41

May 2017- looking for a forever home!!
Ace is a young black beauty with a little white diamond on his chest. He loves to be petted, and chin rubs are welcome so long as he gets to be close to you. He loves to watch the world outside from the top of his cat tree.

Ace came to VOKRA as a very scared kitty, but over time he has become more social and wanting human contact. In fact, he’s becoming a real love bug who loves to greet you in the morning. He’s still very timid though, and needs time to adjust to new situations. He would do well in a quiet household with someone who is home a lot.No young children
looking for a forever home!!http://www.orphankittenrescue.com/cats/lisa-s-kitten-1/

April 2017- ADOPTED!!!

Attention all chocolate lovers! Coco, the pocket sized chocolate lab is looking for a home.
Coco is a very sweet girl who is looking for a home that can provide her with the guidance, patience and training she deserves. Here are some details about the type of home Coco would like:
-Coco loves people and is very friendly and outgoing! She does need to work on her manners when meeting new people however.
-Coco loves other dogs and gets very excited when meeting so will need practice learning her doggy manners. She could be happy living in a home with a well-matched canine friend.
-Coco may be a bit too boisterous for small children but teenage and up may be an option for her
-Coco gets quite anxious in new situations and would like a home where her new guardians can work with her and build up her confidence. Someone with previous dog experience is preferred.
-Coco loves her stuffed toys and a home where she can have lots of them is a must!

If this sweet girl sounds like the one for you, please come visit her at the Vancouver SPCA!
Vancouver Shelter
1205 East 7th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5T 1R1
Animal ID425720Intake Date2017-02-14BreedDog – Labrador RetrieverSexFemaleWeight24.4 kgAge2 Years 1 Month 1 Week ColourBrown – TanStatusAvailable For AdoptionSpay/NeuterYes
All animals are spayed or neutered prior to adoption
CompatibilityHouse Trained OK with Dogs
Watch her videos here: http://adopt.spca.bc.ca/?shelter_id=193
Feb.2017: ADOPTED!!
Meet Kisses! Kisses is already a laid back girl, and has quite the purr box.
Kisses is friendly to everyone she meets, but would do best as an only pet as she likes to be queen of her castle. Kisses is clean and quiet, but sure to let you know when she wants some lovin! If you think you’d like to add Kisses to your home, please contact our branch for more information.

  • 420193
  • 2016-11-23
  • Cat – Domestic Short Hair
  • Female
  • 1 Year 8 Months 1 Week
  • Black – White
  • Available For Adoption
  • YesAll animals are spayed or neutered prior to adoption
  • No

Jan. 2016- adopted!!
jan 2017

Bailey is super sweet! She is the most sophisticated and calm kitten of the bunch. She loves to play, but when her siblings get too rough she prefers to watch their ridiculousness! She has the most adorable little purr and crooked tail. She is a bit shy but with treats soon forgets, and simply enjoys being around you.

Must be adopted with Bruno and/or Bella

OK with other cats
jan 2017 2
Dec. 2016


Local pet:adopted!
Intake Date2016-02-02
Breed Small Animal – Guinea Pig Sex Male Age2 Years 7 Months 1 Week Colour White Status Available For AdoptionSpay/Neuter No
Goofie came to the SPCA’s care after having been found abandoned. This boy has unfortunately not had the best start to his life.

He is a very curious little being, LOVE’S his fresh vegetables in the morning and to laze about in the afternoons. Goofie would do best with a experienced owner who can help him overcome his shyness to being handled.

Goofie is looking for his second chance at life. If you think you are able to help this little sweetie out please come down to the Vancouver SPCA and meet him today.
Vancouver Shelter



Local pets: adopted!


  • Intake Date


  • Breed

Dog – Pit Bull Terrier

  • Sex


  • Age

6 Years 1 Month 4 Weeks

  • Colour

Black Brown – White

  • Status

Available for Adoption – In Foster

  • Spay/Neuter

YesAll animals are spayed or neutered prior to adoption

  • Compatibility

No Cats

Not Suitable for Children

House Trained

OK with Dogs

Hidden Gem

available from foster

Sassy Sawyer has been in foster with a family with 3 dogs since January of this year.

Since arriving he’s been changing almost daily, calming down, revealing new depths to his intelligence and new facets of his personality. This playful, exuberant little dog has brought so much love and laughter into the lives of his foster family.

Here is the latest update from the foster parents:
We always knew Sawyer was smart and very affectionate with humans, and that he really likes other dogs. Over time we learned what an excellent communicator he is and that he not only likes dogs, he LOVES them!

He loves sniffy walks and will follow his nose if you let him, and he’s happy to trot along endlessly at your side, relaxed and soft-leashed.

Sawyer is a young adult, healthy and fit, with loads of energy and a busy brain. He needs a home with active people who can provide daily physical exercise, and mental challenges through positive-reinforcement based learning. Sawyer is intelligent and focused, and so in-tune with his human there isn’t a sport, trick, or activity he couldn’t learn to do.

He loves to interact with people and will do just about anything for a tasty treat! He’s learned how to swim, fetch in water and run calmly alongside a bike. Running and playing are among his all-time favorite activities!

Sawyer needs daily stimulation to remain happy and well-mannered like most higher energy dogs, but he also adores quiet time. He loves to cuddle and give kisses, and he’s learned how to politely ask for affection. His favorite thing in the world might just be soft, tickly belly rubs.

Sawyer can be excitable and while he’s learned how to behave appropriately in new or stressful situations, he still needs a quiet home environment with experienced guardians and calm, confident handling. He adores his doggie friends and would love another playful, social dog to make his forever home complete. Cats and young children are not a match.

If you are interested in adopting please submit an application to vancouver@spca.bc.ca with a note that it is for Sawyer. Find out more at : http://adopt.spca.bc.ca/ with id # 381216 more videos and photos there!

Vancouver Shelter

1205 East 7th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5T 1R1





Oct 2016: adopted!

cat_list2_Smith A1_17533_kakaotalk_20161003_231449175

Joy is a very active and playful cat, who vocalizes a lot while pawing for attention! She can be shy at first, but give her ten minutes and she becomes super affectionate. If you are prepared to be cuddled by an adorable cat 24/7, then Joy is the kitty for you! Find out more at : http://www.orphankittenrescue.com/cats/smith-a1-sarc-c16-567n-/

OK with other cats


cat_list2_Smith A1_17533_kakaotalk_20161003_231448019


Sept 2016: adopted!

sept 2

Hi, I’m Dude! I was a friendly stray being fed by a stranger until I came to VOKRA in 2016. I was so friendly, they decided to put me with Maria, a fellow former stray, who was too shy to let anyone pet her. So I joined Maria at her foster home in February to show her the ropes, so she could see how awesome humans can be when they pet us!

I was such a gentleman, I introduced myself into her space very politely. Now, we have some spats here and there, and we don’t cuddle and sleep together, but we get along pretty well otherwise. I like to sneak up on Maria and chase her around a lot, but she chases me right back! I’m laid back and friendly, and sometimes very energetic too.

I’m a bit skittish, but it seems to be part of my playfulness. I really like getting my head and chin scratched, just not for too long! My favourite thing is butting my head on yours and rubbing my face in your hair! I’ll come up on the bed or the couch if you call me, and love sleeping on your empty bed once you’re up for the day.

I love my catnip beanbag, and chasing treats on the floor because I get so excited about them, they fly everywhere! My tail also wags around a lot like a dog sometimes. I’m definitely a character, and a bit of a clown. I can’t wait to find my forever parent so I can make you laugh and get all the love I’ve been missing out on!

Must adopt with Maria





Aug 2016: adopted!


  • 382031
  • 2015-10-05
  • Rabbit – American
  • Female
  • 1 Year 1 Week
  • Orange – Brown
  • Available For Adoption
  • Yes

About me

Cher is ready to dazzle you with her wit and charm. This young lady has recently had surgery to repair some wounds on her belly and is recovering well. Cher is a sweet girl who would love a place with a couch and lap to watch TV while receiving pets. She came from a home with several other rabbits so could possibly be paired with another female or neutered male. Please come by the Vancouver SPCA to learn about this lovely girl.
Vancouver Shelter
1205 East 7th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5T 1R1


Find out more at http://adopt.spca.bc.ca/ and out in her id # 382031



Sept: adopted!

Corey is an adorable kitten who loves to play and wrestle, especially with his sister Rowdy. He’s also very affectionate, and he loves cuddles and attention of all kinds. He loves to play with toys, chase his siblings, and spend hours in endlessly entertaining wrestling matches with Rowdy. He’s generally good at grooming, however, he hasn’t yet figured out how to wash his own nose after eating, so whoever adopts him must be willing to give him a gentle cleaning if he gets food on his face. Corey needs to be adopted with his sister and best friend Rowdy. They are fine with other cats, and would likely adjust well to a dog.


Must adopt with Rowdy

Rowdy is a playful, high energy kitten who will bring tons of fun into any home. She is happy to spend endless hours chasing a wand toy, wrestling with her siblings (especially her favourite brother Corey), and giving her rolly balls the runaround before she finally tires out. She’s also an extremely affectionate kitten who loves to be cuddled. Even during playtime she’ll dash up to your lap for visits and pets. She is growing into a beautiful cat with a funny chirpy meow that emerges when she’s excited or happy. Her litterbox habits are excellent. Rowdy needs to be adopted with her brother and ultimate kitten wrestling partner Corey, and they would do well in a home with a family who are happy to spend time playing with them. They are fine with other cats and would likely adjust well to a dog.


Must adopt with Corey

OK with children, dogs, and other cats

OK with children, dogs, and other cats

july2016 july20162



June 2016: adopted!


If you want two best friends for life look no further!

These two beautiful girls will follow you to the ends of the earth. Literally! They come when they’re called, greet you at the door when you come home and always want to be in the action and will follow you no matter what from room to room. ITheir foster mom has never felt so loved by an animal in her life until she met these two.

Mavis is a super energetic, fun loving ball of fur that loves to cuddle up right next to you where ever you are after play time. She always wants to be apart of the action and is always watching curiously while you go about your day. She loves to take care of her sister by giving Little Panda her regular evening cat bath as they both curl up next to you for the night.

Mavis must be adopted with her sister, Little Panda.



May Local pet 2016: adopted!

Local pet
About me
• Animal ID
• Intake Date
• Breed
Farm Animal – Horse-Appaloosa
• Sex
• Age
6 Years 8 Months
• Colour
• Status
Available For Adoption
• Spay/Neuter
YesAll animals are spayed or neutered prior to adoption
Happy the Appy is a sweet 6 year old Appaloosa who came into our care in August of 2015. He was underweight, but has made a beautiful recovery and has been gelded while in our care. he halters, leads and lifts his feet very well. He does have an old injury to his withers that does not seem to cause him any pain and just like his name, he is a very happy camper just being a horse and hanging out with his buddies! When he came into our care he had very minimal handling and has most likely never had any training under saddle. He can be a bit shy at first, but very quickly warms up to people and loves being brushed and doted on. While there is a possibility that Happy may be able to do some light riding or driving, he would really love to find his forever home as a companion to another horse. Happy is currently at our Surrey equine facility.
Find out more at: http://adopt.spca.bc.ca/. Put in animal id # 376609 to find still looking for a forever home


April Local pet 2016

April 2016

About me

Ratapalooza has hit the Vancouver SPCA. We have approximately 45 rats of varying ages and sexes available for rat savvy guardians. These rats came from a hoarding situation and are requiring a patient and quiet home who can introduce them to the sweet life of being a companion rat. Currently we are offering the rats cheerios and yogurt to get them used to humans being around.

Vancouver Shelter

1205 East 7th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5T 1R1



  Animal ID


  Intake Date


  Breed

Small Animal – Rat

  Sex


  Age


  Colour

White – Brown

  Status

Available for Adoption – In Foster

  Spay/Neuter

No: All animals are spayed or neutered prior to adoption


Find out more at : http://adopt.bcspca.ca/ just search for rats in Vancouver, there so cute!!



March local pet 2016:adopted!

cat_list2_Chrissy 1 cat_list2_Lovely Chrissy

Chrissy is a very friendly big girl who loves to carry on a conversation with her humans. Most of her life she was a companion for an elderly lady, and she enjoys a slower pace of life, sunbeams in the summer, and a comfy couch in the dark Vancouver winters. She’s a little large for a lap (she insists she’s “big boned” but is on a diet to trim a few pounds), but likes to hang out near her people so head scratches can be had as much as possible – she will occasionally announce she is done very vocally, but usually comes back for more attention withing minutes.
Chrissy is good with being on her own during the day. She may insist she is starving when someone is there to hear, but if left to her own devices is generally happy to snooze the hours away. She is good with dogs once proper introductions are made, and seems to enjoy their company, though she’ll never admit to it. She’s been living in a multi-cat home the past few months and has adapted well but would prefer to be an only cat or have one less rambunctious other cat for company. Her guardian passed away, so she is looking for a new home where she can keep someone company for the rest of her days.
OK with other cats
OK with dogs



cat_list2_Chrissy 1


Feb local pet 2016:adopted!


Katniss is beautiful former feral kitty who has slowly, but surely learned to trust people. It has taken a lot of patience, but she’s now super affectionate. She loves to pace around on the bed on top of the covers looking for attention. She is too energetic to stay and cuddle. She’s more of a “give me rubs”, then reposition, head-butt you and “rub me more!”. She’s happy for head scratches and belly rubs too. She’s will need to continue to be taught how to socialize with people. She does not like being picked up or sudden movements, but a slower approach and she’s happy to greet you. Katniss is quiet and only chirps during mealtimes. She’s is quite active. Expect her to run around the house playing with her sister, COOKIE. They must be adopted together.http://www.orphankittenrescue.com/cats/grant-k2/
Check out this video of the lovely Katniss:


feb feb2


Jan. Local pet 2016:adopted!

Jan2016 jan20162

• Animal ID
• Intake Date
• Breed
Dog – Pit Bull Terrier
• Sex
• Age
2 Years 2 Months 0 Weeks
• Status
Available For Adoption
About me
Jewel is a precious girl with a timid approach. She is the kind of girl that makes you work for her love. But once she gets to know you, she lavishes you with affection. Jewel is a young girl and becomes quite playful once she trusts you. Jewel lived happily with many other dogs but needs slow introductions to new dogs. She has a look that touches your soul and draws you to her. This little gem needs a loving and patient person to share a quiet home with.
Burnaby Shelter
3202 Norland Ave, Burnaby, BC V5B 3A6

Also watch a video of her and other animals at http://www.spca.bc.ca/adopts/animal-adoption.html?shelter_id=176 Lets share this so we can help her start a new year in a new home!




Dec. Local pet 2015: adopted!


Meet Ben! & Jerry!
He and his almost identical brother, Jerry, are young teenaged cats. Ben can purr like a motor, and loves exploring high places. He enjoys lots of attention from those he trusts, but he is a cautious cat who lets Jerry be the guinea pig for human interaction. He is currently still a little shy around people and can be frightened easily, but we see improvements everyday. Ben requires a person to spend a significant amount of time bonding with him before he will begin to trust the person, but it will be worth the wait because he is so full of love. Ben and Jerry are bonded companions, and so they must be adopted as a pair.
Meet Jerry! He and his almost identical brother, Ben are about young teenaged cats. Jerry purrs like a motor, and enjoys lots of attention from those he trusts. An outgoing and playful cat, he rubs his face on everything he sees when he thinks food is coming! He will do anything for treats except let you pick him up. Though currently still a little shy around people and sometimes easily frightened, he makes improvements everyday. Jerry requires a person to spend a significant amount of time bonding with him before he will begin to trust the person, but it will be well worth the wait because he is a fantastic and loving kitty. Jerry and his brother Ben are bonded companions, and so they must be adopted as a pair. 6 months in Burnaby! No Kids.
Must adopt 2gather! If you were to go to a new home wouldn’t you want your siblings with you too! Fine out more and see other photos of both at: http://www.vokra.ca/cats/norberg-k1/




Nov Local pet 2015:adopted!


nov pet


  • 379908
  • 2015-09-14
  • Bird – Exotic – Pigeon
  • Unknown
  • 5
  • Available For Adoption


Burnaby Shelter
3202 Norland Ave, Burnaby, BC V5B 3A6
  • To learn more about the Burnaby BC SPCA Branch such as location, adoption fees, and hours of operation, click here to visit our web site: spca.bc.ca/burnaby
  • Please note that all cat/kitten and dog/puppy BC SPCA adoptions come with a microchip and registration into BC Pet Registry. For more information please visit bcpetregistry.ca or call our Call Centre at 1-855-622-7722

Please understand that we are unable to put animals on HOLD over the phone, you must meet the animal and visit us in person.

To prevent disappointment, please realize that this website is live and updates frequently. Therefore there is a chance that when you arrive at our location the animal you have an interest in might have been adopted already, or another party might be going through the adoption process at that present time.


Visit Walt and other animals up for adoption at the Burnaby site:http://www.spca.bc.ca/adopts/animal-adoption.html



Oct local pet:2016

oct oct2

Daisy is a beautiful, perfect little cat who falls down a lot. She has a condition called “cerebellar hypoplasia”, which means that she doesn’t always travel in the direction that she intends and wobbles on her way. She is not sick or in pain, and her condition will not get any worse as she gets older. In fact, she is determined to go everywhere that she can -she just does it differently, and a little slower.

Daisy is scrupulous about using her litter box, and doesn’t need baths very often. That’s probably good because she hates baths! She eats from a raised dish, and likes to be supported while she’s dining. She likes sleeping on the biggest bed in the house, or sitting beside you in the best armchair. She is easily startled, and has a tendency to be over-stimulated, so it’s best to keep her nails cut short.

In general, Daisy is a good-natured little doll! Why not meet her, and see if she fits in your home? She’s truly one of a kind!

OK with other cats

OK with older children

Special needs

Recommend to be adopted with a buddy

find out more and see more photos at: http://www.orphankittenrescue.com/cats/daisy-6/

still looking for a forever loving home!


Aug Local pet: adopted!


Type Farm Animal
Breed Pig Cross
Second Breed
Sex Male Colour Black / None
Spayed/Neutered No Age
Animal Identification
Animal ID: 375129
Please take note of the Animal ID if contacting one of our shelters about this animal.

A Little Bit About Me

Where can you find me?

I am at the Maple Ridge location.
You can contact me by

Email mapleridge@spca.bc.ca
Phone 604-463-9511
Address 10235 Jackson Road Albion, BC V2W 0A9



July Local pet: adopted!!

cat_list2_Gabrielle_08482_cats_04cat_list2_Crystal 08481 and Gabrielle 08482_cats_10

My name is Gabrielle, or Gaby for short. I am a sweet little kitten who has a condition called cerebral hypoplasia. This means that I am a little unstable on my paws, and I wobble. This will not get worse as I get older, and I can live quite a normal life. And don’t be fooled, because I can get around just fine. In fact, my condition does not bother me one bit. I get up in bed with the help of doggy steps and let me tell you, I can climb up any cat tree out there!!!

I love life, and I love my mom Crystal.  I enjoy time alone, but I also enjoy being pet. I am looking for a forever home to share with my mom. Won’t you come visit me and see if we’re a match?

Note: Because she is a CH (cerebral hypoplasia) kitty, Gabrielle does not always have full control of her bladder, and she may at times have issues surrounding this.  She will require an extra patient and loving home but will give you bundles of love and cuddles in return.

Must adopt with Crystal

OK with children

No dogs




June Local pet: adopted!

Ronald’s Details

june local pet

Animal ID: 366934

A Little Bit About Me

Ronald and Jeffrey are two bonded brother rats. They were sadly surrendered to the care of the SPCA and are now in search for their furr-ever home together. These boys are friendly however shy at first, with patience they will warm up to you and become curious of you. They enjoy their cheerio and brocolli treats. If you think these boys would make a great member of your family, please come and meet with them at the Surrey Education & Adoption Center.

Where can you find me?

I am at the Surrey location.




May Local pet: adopted!

Frisner is a wonderful 12 year old kitty. He is a very active and curious kitty. He is initially shy upon entering a new environment, but his curious nature usually takes over immediately, and explores as much of his new surroundings as possible. Once he finds a spot he likes, he usually designates it his relaxation spot…most usually somewhere close near you. He has a great appetite, loves his naps, and is a huge sucker for tummy rubs. Frisner would be a great addition to a family who is looking for a self-dependent kitty.
Find out more to adopt him at: http://www.orphankittenrescue.com/cats/frisner/



Local pet for Sept:

Local cat sent to me from a friend info down below…
Does anyone want a cat? Domino is a short hair, tuxedo, around 7 or 8 years old. He loves food and snuggling, he will sit on you lap all day if you let him. We are looking for someone who does not have any other animals because he loves to be the center on attention. He is a very sweet cat and if you are interested then message me and I can tell you more about him.
Thank you.
https://www.facebook.com/heather.parks.940 4 info


Local pet for July….2014: adopted!

After coming into our care as a result of a cruelty investigation, Moochachii was started on medication, a special diet and a daily care plan. Over three months later, this sweetheart is improving daily, and ready to find a loving home.

Around 13 years old, this senior lady loves other dogs, so ideally her new family will have another canine for a friend and someone home most of the time. She will continue to need a special diet, arthritis medication and regular veterinary care.

Can you give her the love she deserves? Find out more at http://www.spca.bc.ca/branches/alberni-clayoquot/potn-moochachii.html or contact the BC SPCA Alberni-Clayoquot Branch at (250) 723-5269 or alberni@spca.bc.ca . #AdoptBCSPCA





Local pet for Aug: adopted!


Jordan is easygoing, affectionate, and lovesto have his belly rubbed!  He’s very docile, and would rather run away atthe sign of trouble before hurting another pet, child or adult.  Jordan isexceptionally well behaved- he adores his scratching postand is not at all interested in scratching furniture.  He is a big guywith a lot of love to give.  As long as you make sure to feed and pet himevery day, he will always be faithful to you.

BELLA and JORDAN should stay togetherbecause they grew up together and are like brother and sister. They often sleep together curled up in alittle ball, which is great for photo taking.  These two will make anexceptional addition to any home or family!




Local pet for Oct: adopted!





Rabbit Cross


Second Breed





Grey / White






Animal Identification
Animal ID: 322324
Please take note of the Animal ID if contacting one of our shelters about this animal.
Tattoo: 15JSB

Suitability Guide
OK with Cats

This cutie is Baillie. Beautiful light grey, biggest baby ofthe litter and the only boy. He is great with his litter box, an extremely neatlittle rabbit. Loves alfalfa hay, cilantro, parsley and leafy greens. Lovesdandelions too. Very friendly and comes up to be greeted. Foster family writes:”He has been raised as a house rabbit in an x-pen in our dining room,where he can see us and interact with us every day. He nudges your arm or legwhen he hops around you. He seems to have a reset button every day because whenwe come into his x-pen each morning he runs away and hides in his litter boxand sometimes stamps his feet at us, but after a few moments he comes back fora Craisin treat and hops all around us again. He loves to chew on cardboard anduntreated wicker items. He has been used to respectful older kids and doesn’tmind the cats. He does not like to be picked up and his tolerance is a fewseconds if you do. He is very clever and could learn to do rabbit agilityeasily. He needs an indoor, home environment where he can become one of thefamily.” Rabbits live between 8 and 12 years and need hay in their dietevery day. Come and meet Baillie today, he will make an amazing companion!

Watch his videos and see photos at : http://bcspcapets.shelterbuddy.com/animal/animalDetails.asp?pagesize=15&searchId=2559&task=view&searchTypeId=4&tpage=4&searchType=4&animalid=226599




Local pet for Nov: adopted!
Marlee is very confident and social and loves to be around people. When alone she can sometimes be very vocal, and due to the fact that she cannot hear herself, she meows very loudly! For this reason, apartment living might not be the best. Marlee is a real spitfire, full of fun and energy. Come visit this amazing girl today in our dog adoption kennels. Please share Marlee’s story to help find her forever home today!



Local pet for Dec: adopted!

Radar is a sweet and handsome guy looking for a new start to life at the age of 14 years old. He is calm and sensible and spent many years training down to race at the racetrack, with only 42 racing starts. He is sound and has clean legs. Radar is brave and sure footed, he would do well as a pleasure/trail mount with patient guidance.

Radar is broke to drive and was just recently started under saddle. On Radar’s first day under saddle he took on a solo trail ride and did marvelous without a single spook. Radar would make an excellent driving prospect aswell. He was recently gelded and is doing very well with his training in a foster home.
Radar is up to date on de-worming, tetanus and hoof trimming.

This mellow and well mannered boy is waiting for someone to spoil him and teach him new things. He has spent most of his years in a stall, and would need slow introductions to a herd environment.

Radar is located in the Lower Mainland. If you or someone you know is interested in him, please e-mail rescues@spca.bc.ca

Type Farm Animal     Breed Horse-Standardbred Cross Second Breed
Sex Male Colour Bay / None Spayed/Neutered Yes Age Senior

More info…





Feb Local Pet 2015: adopted!
Ringo has a permanent smile! The things that make him the happiest are playing fetch and cuddling with his favorite staff and volunteers. This boy is a young active German Shepherd looking for plenty of consistency and activity to help alleviate his anxiety. If your looking for a smart and loyal best friend Ringo might be the perfect one! Check out his full profile here http://bcspcapets.shelterbuddy.com/animal/animalDetails.asp?pagesize=15&searchId=2559&task=view&searchTypeId=4&tpage=2&searchType=4&animalid=246809



March Local pet:adopted!

8 Years Old – Vancouver (Mount Pleasant)
Calista is the most vocal cat I have ever met. The very pretty sister of Darius, she will follow you around and always check in to see what you’re up to. She loves to chat, especially at dinner time. She’s taken a liking to sleeping at high altitudes, particularly on top of our bookshelf. Although her and Darius have been moved around a lot, it didn’t take long for Calista to make herself at home. She loves a good belly rub and any affection really. It’s hard not to fall in love with her cute offset nose too.

Twins CALI & DARIUS need to be adopted together

For more photos & to adopt:




April’s Local pet:adopted!
Local pet of the month! Always been a fan of the small pets, but cant have any cause of my cats. Here’s this month for April u should adopt!Love its name!
Mocha and Vanilla are young bonded sisters. They both have a lovely creamy coat with a smudge of coffee on their noses. They are both very pretty, friendly and social little girls who are looking for a home together. They love to come out their cage and spend time with their people. They also enjoy getting some exercise running in their exercise wheel. These two girls would make perfect companions to someone looking for a little more “mocha” and “Vanilla” in their lives.



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